Hell Bunny Long Petticoat Sky Blue 26"

Hell Bunny 50's Crinoline Petticoat Sky Blue (Long)

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      • Long Sky Blue 50's petticoat by Hell Bunny
      • Very full
      • Two layers of soft mesh on three tiers 
      • Ruffled hem
      • Elasticated waistband
      • 100% polyester
      • Fits under 50's style below-the-knee dresses and skirts



Hell Bunny Long Petticoat




60 - 74 cm

68 cm


66 - 90 cm

71 cm


80 - 104 cm

71 cm

Petticoat length

This petticoat is the longest out of the three lengths of petticoats available. Long petticoat will fit under most 50's style dresses that fall below the knee.

Hell Bunny vs. Banned Apparel petticoats

Petticoats are available from the two above mentioned brands. Hell Bunny petticoats are lighter, fluffier, and slightly fuller. Banned Apparel petticoats are smoothier, heavier, and super-soft. All petticoats are very full.


The petticoat is adjustable at the waist, and can be made smaller. It has a button on the elastic waistband for adjustment.

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